slyguy4402 (slyguy4402) wrote in deadpoetsoxiety,

Acid Falls

Acid Falls

Speaking to the wind
Dancing within the rain
Singing as the Earthquakes
And there it goes again

Buildings crumble
Women cry
Men are humbled
As people die

Acid falls
Life is choked
Children Starving
People broke

And yet they toke and smoke
Making jokes as their drinking their life away

The rings on their fingers
Tarnish in the sun
Circulation gone as they pull it off their hand

Throw it in the trash
Just like a piece of paper
Crumpled up and forgotten
Your all throwing life away

Stereo speakers jerk you into existence
Perk up your ears
And force you to listen
To the broken promises
And all the lies

Like poison that you take willingly
It’s Killing you?
It’s Killing me!

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